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Graco Baby Jumper Doorway – Review

If you are looking for a safe and fun baby jumper for your baby you can stop looking and read this review of the Graco Baby Doorway jumper. This jumper is one of the best alternatives on the market. Down below we go through a thorough review of the jumper. So you know it if is the right jumper for you and your baby’s needs.

Graco – The Brand

The brand has been around for a long time and was founded in 1942. It started as a metal company but also started to make baby products in 1955. Since then Graco has grown and are known as a high quality brand for baby products and operates in most baby toy niches.

Graco Bumper Jumper Review

So on to the part you are here for which is the graco baby jumper review. This jumper has a lot of very nice features that sometimes gets neglected from other manufacturers. Below we have listed what we consider the key features of the Graco Bumper Jumper and why we think they are important.

Seat Pad

This jumper has a machine washable seat pad made of nylon, which are very easily removed for easy cleaning.  We also like that it is built with a plastic dome that keeps the non-twisting straps apart which makes it easier for you to take your baby in and out of the jumper!

Hidden Safety Cord

Safety is alway the number one thing on a parents mind when choosing a toy for their baby. We really like that the Graco Bumper Jumper has a hidden safety cord built into the bouncy spring of this jumper.

Door clamp that doesn’t leave a mark

This point is for the parents! All doorway jumpers comes with a clamp that attaches to straps with in turn suspends the seat of the jumper. A lot of parents have concerns about then clamp making marks on the doorway it is fastened to. But with this jumper your moldings are safe as the clamp does not leave marks.

Built in toy tray

Most doorway jumpers are quite basic and often don’t come with toys and are only made for jumping. The Graco Bumper Jumper sticks out here as it comes with a built in toy tray and two soft toys that can be attached to the jumper. This jumper also comes with a jungle theme with a pattern of monkeys, elephants and giraffes.

Height adjustable

This jumper is built so you can adjust the height as your baby grows. This is a great feature as your baby will be able to use it for a longer period of time, both prolonging the fun for your baby while at the same time increase the value for money of the jumper. It is also very important to always have the jumper at the correct height for your baby’s safety, so follow the instructions and adjust the jumper as often as you need!

Pros – Graco bumper Jumper

  • Has a all around bumper that helps protect both your baby and your door frames
  • Good value for money
  • Easy to fasten to the door frame
  • Easy to remove and washable seat

Cons – Graco Bumper Jumper

  • Does not fit all door frames, needs minimum width of 6,5 inches.


  • Weighs 3,5 lbs
  • Maximum height 80,5’’
  • Minimum height 69,5’’
  • Recommended for babies weighing between 5,5-25lbs
  • Made in USA


The Graco Bumper Jumper is one of the best jumpers on the market. It is safe, comes with toys, is very fun for your baby and the value for money is good with this jumper. But if you don’t feel this jumper suits your needs and if you want to look at more jumpers you can click here to find a list of the 10 best baby jumpers on the market. To get even more options to look at! 

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