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What to Consider When Buying a Baby Jumper

In this article we will look at the different types of baby jumpers and what to consider when buying a baby jumper.

Adding a baby to the family is one of life’s greatest gifts and is a wonderful experience. But as parents you probably agree that with all the joy and fun comes a lot of sleepless nights. And with it tiredness that only a parent can know.

So finding the right toys for your baby is key to keeping him or her entertained. For them to use all the baby energy at the right time of day so the baby is tired and can fall asleep at night. For the purpose of keeping your baby entertained so she can use up all her energy at the right time, baby jumpers is a great option. Some parents has reported that using a baby jumper made it easier to put the baby to sleep. And that the baby sleeps deeper during the night.

Down below we hade listed different types of baby jumpers and what you should consider before choosing one to buy.   

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Types of Baby Jumpers

Doorway Jumpers

This type of jumper is as the name suggest a baby jumper that you attach to a door frame with a latch system. From the doorframe you suspend a large bungee cord. Which is attached to a seat where your baby can sit and jump up and down.

This type of baby jumpers takes up very little space and are very easy to setup. And you can easily move it if needed. Always look at the specifications of the jumper you are considering before buying. To make sure that you have a door frame that is good enough for that specific product.

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Stand-Alone Jumper

The stand alone jumper is very similar to doorway jumpers. They have the same setup with a bungee cord from a frame to a seat. But this version does not need a door frame. Instead it comes with its own frame that you can put where you please, so it is a great substitution for the doorway version.

Compared to a doorway jumper this limits the babys a little more than the doorway jumper due to the frames. But the upside is that you can move it with you so you always have the option to put your baby in the jumper anywhere in the house.

Activity Jumper

Activity jumpers and made up of a seat, frame and a tray with a lot of toys around the baby. The design is stand alone and can be moved which is a nice option. The seat is connected to the farm by elastic cords so your baby can jump around.

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What to consider when buying a baby jumper?

Toy Safety

With all baby toys there are strict rules manufacturers must abide too so almost every product is safe. But what might be a good idea to consider is that the jumper is made out of the highest quality fabrics to minimize wear and tear on the product. And as with most products you get what you pay for.

Fun Factor

After safety, fun is the most important part of a baby toy! Babies love to explore new things and are full of curiosity of the things around them. Some baby jumpers come with toys built for both fun and for helping the baby develop their cognitive skills, hand-eye coordination and strength. Babies are full of curiosity and wonder at all the things around them. Some jumpers even have a piano like setup that plays songs and make fun sounds. Keep in mind that a baby can be overstimulated if too much is going on around them, so keep the toys at a reasonable level.

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Most jumpers can be adjusted in height as the baby grows. Some models of activity centers can be converted to walkers or activity tables when the baby gets older and outgrows the jumper. This can be a great way to get a lot more out of one product and prolong the fun for the baby.


If your baby’s favorite toy is the baby jumper and you as a family live a life on the go, portability is a important thing to consider when researching baby jumpers. All makes and models is different in this regard so make sure to read the specifications before buying a baby jumper.

Motion Features

Nowadays baby jumpers are more than a toy or fun activity. Much research has gone into creating products that are both fund and helps your baby’s development. Seats that bounce, rock or rotate are great features and as some activity centers have seats that are very limited in bouncing it might be a good idea to do some research here.

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Easy Assembly

If you want to be able to bring the jumper with you or are pressed for space and you want to put the jumper away when not used an easy assembly is a must. A tip is to look at the customer reviews of the product you intend to buy. As a lot of people comment on how the assembly process is after purchase.


With a activity where bouncing is involved, stability is a must. If you buy a standalone version make sure the frame is built with stable and durable materials. Babies bouncing can be more violent that you think so want a jumper or activity center that stands steade without moving when your baby jumps.


Having a baby jumper that you can adjust is a must. It not only rhymes, it actually is important as you always want the jumper to be in perfect height for your baby. And when your baby grows you can just adjust the seat so you can use the product longer.

Now you have all the information you need before buying a baby jumper that is perfect for your home & your baby.

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