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Exersaucer vs Jumper

Have you ever asked yourself the question ”which is best, an exersaucer or a jumper”? Well if you haven’t, you will sooner or later. In this article we will break down the two different products, exersaucer vs jumper, to see which has the most benefits.

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How much fun

Both products have a lot of features to entertain the baby, and a lot has to be considered. Both products have unique toys that the child can play with. Often these toys can be changed to keep the baby entertained for longer periods of time. Babies usually love both jumpers and exersaucers, and can have loads of fun as they have the ability bounce up and down and turn around using the rotating seats. When it comes to the bouncing part which often is the favorite part for the baby. The jumperoo has a superior build and have bigger bounce. The baby jumper is also the more quit alternative which can be a nice addition for the parent watching over the child.

This is not the same for the exersaucer as the bouncing abilities are smaller and it makes way more sound when the baby is jumping if that is a concern for a tired parent.

So in this round we declare the Jumperoo the winner. 


Size of the product might be of concern to some parents who want to be able to put away the jumper or exersaucer when it is not used. There is no denying that both products take up quite the space as they are quite big in size. A lot of exersaucers are foldable and portable. Even though exersaucers can be big the folding features gives you the option to save space when it is not used which gives the size round to the exersaucer.

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If you buy a top of the line product from one of the big brands you are safe with your choice. The big companies know that your baby is the most precious and important person in your life, so they build products with the highest safety standards as the dont want any lawsuits from injuries.

So sound like a tie this round right? No, even though we consider both choices equally as safe for the child, but what about the parent? Parents step and bump in to kids toys all the time and while we all can agree that stepping on lego is the worst. Which of these products hur the most to bump into with your toes?

Some parts of the jumperoo is made out of metal which makes it the heaviest of the two, while the all plastic exersaucer is lighter and wont hurt as much.

So for the sake of the parents, safety goes to the exersaucer!


For children all of these products look good as they are built to entertain babies with shiny colors and toys. But the parent might not have the same taste in room decoration as a young baby. But even as this might be the case both products are built for babies and the sacrifice is well worth all the joy and laughter it will provide and as both products are of similar designs no one comes out on top here. Esthetics is a draw!

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Cost of Exersaucer vs Jumper

Cost is a tricky round in this analysis as different brands can vary quite a bit in price. But the price point is always something to consider. As we have written earlier in the safety article you should always go for a big recognized brand for maximum safety. But in general if you compare one of each product of similar quality the jumperoo will be more expensive. The reason it is more expensive is that it goes more work into making a jumperoo safe as the force from the jumping increases the requirements of the materials used. So if price is a deciding factor the winner is the exersaucer.

Exersaucer vs Jumper Conclusion

So the results look quite one sided and the exersaucer is the clear winner. The only downside is that you might have to live with a louder product but in all honesty it is for short periods of time and can you really put anything before the happiness of your child? And it will probably be one of smallest sacrifices you ever have to make for your child.

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