Everything you need to know about Baby Jumpers

Doorway Jumper Safety

Before buying a doorway jumper it is important to know about the doorway jumper safety. Everything from the jumpers placement to the time of usage, could potentially affect you child. Down below we have listed the most important things you need to know about doorway jumper safety.

* Placement

Think about where you want to put the doorway jumper, it is very important that you check that the frame of the door is stable and able to hold the baby’s weight while jumping up and down. It is also very important for the baby to be stable and be at the perfect height in the jumper with her toes just touching the floor so a flat surface is a must. Preferably without a threshold so the baby doesn’t stubb its toes. 

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*  Sitting in a stable position

The size of the jumper is important as it must be able to secure your baby and keep her stable with good posture while the baby jumps. Always read the manuals to learn how to adjust your doorway jumper and fit it to your baby’s size. 

*  Be present when your baby is playing in the jumper

Its always best to be there when your baby is playing in the jumper. Being there makes the baby feel safe and secure while playing and you two can enjoy the fun together

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*  Don’t use the jumper as a swing

Baby jumpers are build for the baby to jump up and down and not for swinging. While you premium jumper will hold for swinging that is movements that your baby might not be strong enough to support with her neck. It is extra important that you keep an eye on things if there are more children in the house as they might want to join in on the fun, but its is not sure that they understand the dangers that can occur for a small baby in a jumper if they start to swing her. 

*  Limit usage to between 15 to 20 minutes per day

No matter how much your baby enjoys her baby jumper use time should be no more than 20 minutes per day. Using the baby jumper has benefits as is helps your baby get stronger legs, its a fun activity and it is a great way for the baby to make use of excess energy. But using it too much can have negative effects as the baby is in a unnatural position using it for too long too often can delay the age the baby starts walking.

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* Regularly  Look over the doorway jumper so it is in good shape

Look over the doorway jumper for wear and tear before use. Make sure it looks good, no break and thinning of any strap. As your baby is young it grows very fast so look over the adjustments so it’s always fitting perfectly. 

 *  Put the baby jumper away when it is not played with

If you have other kids in the house having the jumper around is not a good idea as kids like to explore and play with everything they find. So put it away when not used so there is no risk of it breaking from someone else too big for it. 

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