Everything you need to know about Baby Jumpers

Baby Jumping Toy

Baby jumping toy also known as baby jumpers are a toy for young babies which you can normally start using somewhere between the age of three to six months. It’s a seat connected to elastic bands on all sides. The baby sits in the jumping toy with the toes just touching the ground. When the baby tries to reach the floor with their toes the band makes the baby jump up which most babies thinks is really fun and engaging!

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What are the benefits of a baby jumping toy?


*Physical activities

*Mental development

*Muscle development

*Better sleep



Babies love engaging activities that entertain them. During the first months of baby life is centered around eating, playing and sleeping. As parents it is vital to monitor all three aspects. If something is missing it can affect the development and growth of your child. If used right the baby jumping toy can play a big role in entertaining you child. Some jumpers are built just for jumping but some comes with various toys for the baby to play with if it gets tired of jumping.

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Physical activities

Young babies have a very limited ability to perform physical activities other than crawling around. It is important to have a active baby to be able to make the baby tired for sleep, keep apetite up, strengthen the muscles and just as important is to have fun! And here a baby jumping toy can shine. Jumpers lets your baby jump up and down, play and sit.

Mental development

A young child’s mind is yet undeveloped. It is the duty of the child’s parents to give her the right conditions to grow not just physically but mentally too. By using a baby jumper your child will see how it feels to be upright, take steps, jump up and down and play with toys. Doing these small tasks might not seem like much, but it is great for the baby to practice it hand eye coordination.

Muscle development

In the early months of the babies life the bones and muscles are quite tender. As the child grows the bones and musculature gets stronger, but the baby does not get stronger on its own and activities are an important step i the process. Most important are for the baby to do tummy training to get stronger but a good baby jumper can also help. As the baby jumps up and down the legs will become stronger which will be great for learning to walk on its own later on.

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Better sleep

As we stated above a active baby is a more tired baby. And sleep is one of the most important things we do in life to not get sick, grow at a optimal rate and being in a good mood. While a lot of activities can make a baby tired, jumping up and down is an intense workout for any baby which means it will get tired quickly from using a jumper..


Contrary to popular belief baby jumpers are very affordable with many vendors offering baby jumpers at good prices. So without emptying your wallet you can top of the line jumping toy for your child. And compared to a lot of other options a baby jumper is a far more economical alternative.

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