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Baby Jumper Safety – Are baby jumpers safe?

If you are not in the medical profession or have any education in early childhood finding the best and safe toys and activities can be tough. As it is a jungle of information with family and friend influencing you on what to do and buy. Baby jumpers and Baby Jumper Safety is no exception of different opinions from people around you. So the question is: Are baby jumpers safe?

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Referencing to Chicago physical therapist Dr. Sajani Parikh, DPT, baby jumpers are totally safe when used responsibly. “Jumpers are a great place to a put a child for entertainment, or, you know, if you need to use the bathroom,” she says. “With that said, it’s recommended that things like jumpers and Exersaucers are only used 10 to 20 minutes a day at the most.” The reason for the short time limits is because of the position of the child in the jumper. As the babies are sitting down, leaning forward and tipping on their toes it can cause stress on the joint in the ankle and the muscle attaching to it leading up to the knee.

It is also important to have a baby jumper in the right size for your baby. The height should be so the toes are touching the floor and make sure the baby fills out the seat so she is stable.

But baby jumpers when used responsibly are not only safe but also has benefits, the three most notable benefits are:

·         Entertainment for the baby

Keeping a baby entertained can sometimes be a bit difficult. But a jumper is something most baby’s enjoy spending time jumping around in.

·         Using excess energy

Before babies can walk or crawl it is sometimes hard to use all their energy during the day. Jumping around is a fun way for your baby to use some of that energy. This is also great to work up an appetite.

·         Better sleep at night

A baby that is physically active during the day will be more tired when the night comes. Which means better and longer sleep. Many parents report much better sleep in their babies since starting using a jumper.

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Doorway jumper safety 

*  A baby properly fitted in the seat is a safe baby

Is is very important having a jumper in the right size for your baby. As well as having it adjusted right so your baby is fitted safely with good posture. Always read the manuals on how to adjust the jumper to fit your baby.

*  Choose a frame to fasten the jumper that can hold the baby’s weight

It is very important to think about where you want to put your baby jumper as not every doorway is built to hold up a bouncing baby.

*  Keep a flat surface under the baby jumper

The baby should always be able to just reach the floor with its toes and if the surface under the jumper isn’t flat the baby can be unstable.

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*  Don’t use for more than 15 to 20 minutes per day

While we all love a laughing baby jumping up and down while laughing like crazy, use time of a baby jumper should be limited to 15 to 20 minutes per day. Using it for that time is good for the baby as it will help strengthen its legs, have fun and become more tired for sleep. But if used for very long times regularly it can slow down your baby’s evolution towards walking.

*  Be there with the baby when he or she are playing in the jumper

Be there with your baby as she or he plays so the baby feels comfortable and you can keep an eye so no monkey business is going on.

*  Don’t use the jumper as a swing

Jumper are built for the baby to jump up and down, and while the jumper might hold for swinging that might be movements your baby is not ready to do as that requires way more force for the baby to be able to keep its head upright.

*  Look over the baby jumper regularly so everything looks good

As with all equipment baby jumpers needs looking over regularly as the cargo in it is the most precious in the world. Check so everything looks as it should and that it is no wear and tear that might risk it breaking.

 *  Put the baby jumper away when it is not used 

This is especially true if you have other kids in the house that can play on their own without supervision. You don’t want anyone other than your baby to use the jumper when you are not there as it might get wear and tear or break if used by someone too big.

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Conclusion: Yes baby jumpers are safe, but the time used should be limited to a maximum of 10 to 20 minutes per day in split sessions. And while jumpers is a great activity a baby should spend a lot of time on tummy training to develop strength.

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