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Baby Activities for Physical Development

The first year in a babys life is the year when the baby develops physically at the fastest rate. For both parents and babies finding activities that are bonding, entertaining and helping the baby improve physically are very important. Motor skills, coordination, balance, movenment and grasping are all physical developments that happens in the first year of a baby’s life. In this article we go through some activities you and your baby can do to fasten the process of physical development.

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Sensory Bottles

Take a few plastic bottles and empty them out. Fill the bottles with various elements, examples can be a litte water, small rocks, rice or any other thing you can think of. Spend time with your baby and encourage him or her to roll, shake and move the bottles. This excersise can be used together with the next excercise when spending time on the tummy.

Tummy Time

Helping you baby get stronger in the neck and upperbody is very important for getting ready for more advanced upright activited further down the road. And tummy time is on of the most effective and easiest activities you can do to work on preciseley this. Put your baby on the belly on something soft placed on the floor, for example a blanket. At first your baby might not like being on her tummy, but try using a few toys too lighten the mood and encourage her to try and grab them, follow them with the eyes to get the added benfit of practicing to visually tracking objects.

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Introduce a drum in your baby’s life to help practice rythm and coordination. There are baby drums you can buy, but if you like you can build your own from a empty can. Help your cild bang on the drum while you sing a song to make it fun!

Tearing Paper Activity for Infants

It is no secret that babies like to explore, bang and tear stuff and a old newspaper or magazine is perfect. Tearing paper with help your baby develop motor skill while at the same time learn about cause and effect. Show your baby how to tear the paper and help her in the beginning if needed.

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Stacking Activity for Infants

Hand eye coordination is important for all ages but getting off to a good start is extremely important. Practicing hand eye coordination through stacking objects i a great way to get ahead of the curve. You can try using a ring stacking toy, building blocks or household items like plastic bowls. Go for things that are easy to stack, light and a size the baby can grab. If needed provide as much help as needed, but remember to challange the baby’s abilities.

This was some of the things you can try with your baby for them to improve physical development and have fun in the process. These activities are fun and entertaining for babies and parents.

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