Fisher Price Superstar Step N Play Piano Review

The growth and development of a child is very gradual. Every stage in a child’s life is marked by new activities, strength and personality. Play is a very important aspect of development in children and most of their time is spent playing. This means that as they develop, their toys will change from time to time.

Not all toys will work well in giving your baby the desired activity and entertainment. All parents would also be happy to get their children toys that have positive impact to the development of the child. This therefore means that there should be considerations that should be made before getting a child a play gadget.

Fisher Price Superstar Step N play piano is a fun filled gadget to your baby. It has a lot of handy features that would work perfectly for your child’s development.  These features makes this toy exactly what your child needs.

Play space

All children are adventurous, value space and enjoy playing in spacious environments. There are mechanisms put it place to ensure that children get the desired space while playing in the fisher-price superstar step\’N play piano. A child would get bored faster when locked in a single position. The manufactures had this in mind and developed a seat that spins to 360 degrees. This seat is also flexible and allows the baby to move back and forth in one safe environment.  If there is need, the seat can also be removed totally to even create more room while playing. With the good space a child would find this interesting and would spend a lot of time trying to explore his toy. This way he also gives you time to run other light errands.

Beauty and dazzling look

Looks are very important. A child would be more attracted to a flashy toy than a dull one. No child would resist the fisher-price superstar step\’N play piano. Just at the first sight a child would already be convinced this is an awesome play companion. The fisher-price superstar step\’N play piano is designed with nice colors that make it dazzling. A range of colors are used and these colors blend well to make the toy appealing to children.

Added toys

Activity is very important in keeping a child healthy and fit. It acts as a form of exercise and improves on a child’s blood circulation. This therefore means a parent should work in ensuring a child’s activity is increased. There are added toys on the fisher-price superstar step to increase the activity of the child. These added toys are placed on the area adjacent to the hands of the child while on the fisher-price superstar to keep the child’s hands active. With the fisher price superstar a parent does not have to worry about other toys to keep the child’s hands active.

The music effect

One of the greatest features that keeps children entertained is the music effect added on the fisher-price superstar step\’N play piano thus it’s name. This gadget has piano keys fitted at its base on which a child steps on and sizzling melodies are produced. This fascinates the child on his ability of creating good music. There are also beautiful lights that are produced along with the music to spice up the experience. This gives a child a very an awesome feeling that he would want to have over and over again, keeping him busy for a long period of time. Besides the fun this feature also helps in development of the child’s stepping motion. As the music plays the child is encouraged to step more and more and this would help in making the child walk easily especially to those at the millstone of standing and walking.  The music also helps in shaping the child’s talent. Music is very important to the current day society and is loved by many. This toy helps in giving a child interest in music and it would help in making him learn music in future life.

However there is an option to switch off the music when necessary. This is very important especially when silence is required and you want to keep the child busy.  You do not necessarily need to take the child out of the super star step to have a quite environment.  Just turn off the music and you’ll have your quite space as the child plays on.

Adjustable seat height

Children’s heights change more often as they grow. These are changes parents are happy about though in the other end it would be costly in terms of purchasing new stuff to fit his new size. To help on saving your costs on the toys the fisher-price superstar step has an adjustable seat height that would enable adjustments to fit in the new height of the baby as he grows. You do not need to look for a new one just because a child has added a few more feet.


While purchasing every product, durability is vital and its one of the questions that comes first. The fisher-price superstar step’\N play piano is very durable. It is strong enough to last for a good period of time and a child can have the fun for a good period of time before you think of getting another one. It can carry up to a maximum weight of 25 ponds too.

This product weighs 12 pounds and measures 30 x 26 x 25 inches. It uses 3 C batteries and the battery life is 60 hours. It is unisex and made using plastic.

What a child becomes in future depends greatly on how the child was taken care of in his early ages. It is at an early age that major developments occur in the child’s body. Play is very important and parents have a variety of toys to choose from to help in keeping the children active and healthy. The fisher-price superstar step\’N play piano has by far proven to be the best option for the child. It would keep the child entertained and has positive impact to the development of the child.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Can the sound of the unit be controlled?

Yes, there is a volume control knob for turning the volume up or down.

2. What if my baby is already 10 months old can I still purchase this play unit?

Yes, this baby jumper can be used even by babies who 10 months old.

3. Is there warranty for this product?

The manufacturer offers users 1 – 2 years warranty.


  • Toys and some other musical gadgets are effectively fastened to the play unit alleviating any possibility of getting lost or accidental choking.
  • The seat is adjustable to desired height of the baby.
  • There is volume control knob.
  • It is lightweight and easy to carry around.
  • Is easy to assemble.


  • It does not come with batteries you have to purchase them yourself.
  • There are some musical baby play items that are placed a little far from the position of the baby to easily reach them.
  • The unit’s power on/off switch is easily reached by the baby.

Final Verdict

The fisher – Fisher Price Superstar Step N play piano is great place for your baby to get to play and remain entertained. It comes with lots of play toys for the baby to choose from. The seat of this baby jumper easily rotates making it easy for the baby inside of it to easily turn about while playing. With its ease of assembly you don’t have to worry about assembling it for the first time you come with it home. The one major undoing of this baby activity center is that it does not come with batteries included as a package.