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Games To Play With Kids indoors – Zero to Three Years

Games To Play With Kids indoors

Children often get to learn new skills and ideas fast in their first three years on Earth as this is a period they usually experience remarked growth and development. The kind of activities a child in this age bracket engages in should always be monitored carefully and must be always safe, fun, and appropriate for the child. Because the young ones

are still new to the world and they are quite clueless about any danger around them it is not advisable to leave them alone as they play because they may just hurt themselves. Children in this age bracket while playing must always be attended to by their parents or caregivers to eliminate any chance of injury they may suffer.  Children between zero years to three years need to be given toys that match their developing skills and the good thing is that most of such play items are usually readily available in the home. Those plastic bottles, plastic bowls, plastic bottle tops, cardboard boxes etc can be used as play items by children. Below is a list of suggested toys for children of different ages within the age group of zero to three years:

Ideal toys for young infants – from birth to six months

Babies like to grab things and are easily fascinated by brightly colored items. Babies also like sounds and therefore toys that make sounds can go a long way in delighting them. This is also the ideal age you can introduce your baby to a baby jumper because they can easily hold their head up. Give your baby things they can easily reach for, hold, grab, and suck. There are good teething toys, textured balls, and soft balls that can help keep your baby busy in their crib or baby jumper.
There are also good books with sounds and music out there that you can buy for your baby to help keep them entertained. You can also give your baby things to look at such as fascinating pictures on baby books.

Toys for infants aged seven to twelve months

Children in this age group can move and can easily roll, sit down, bounce, pull themselves up, and even stand up steadily on their own. Now for this age group you could give them play items which they can use for pretend games such as baby dolls, toy vehicles, and even water toys. For other types of plays which involves dropping and taking out you can give them specialized plastic toys, large beads, balls etc. Remember in this age group children can be introduced to games which involves building and you can them wooden cubes to build with.

Ideal toys for children aged one year old

Most children who are aged 12 months can easily stand and even walk steadily and they enjoy stories, are in the process of pronouncing their first words. These children like to experiment much and need the guidance of their parents and caregivers for them to remain safe. They can be given the following toys for their play:

Toys with recordings and songs they can easily relate with such as toy phones, dolls, baby carriages and strollers.

Good toys for children aged two years

In this age group children tend to learn language fast and are can easily get hurt if left alone for longer periods because they can jump from heights, hang on to things and so forth. The best play items to give children here include problem solving toys such as wood puzzle, wooden blocks that can be stuck together to make a house and so forth.

Toys for children aged three years

Children in this age group are being geared for kindergarten and you will realize that they talk a lot and also ask lots of questions. They also like to experiment with things and need guidance here too. The best items for play to give children in this age group include; problem solving play items, toys for pretending and building, picture books etc.

How to Take Care of Your Baby

How to Take Care of Your BabyTaking care of a newborn baby is a kind of task that most first time mothers usually find complicated. Remember a baby is a just a very young human being who still cannot communicate verbally and will cry in most instances in order to communicate. A baby usually depends on the parents entirely for everything and therefore must be given the necessary attention by the parents. You need to understand that when your baby cries then there is something the baby is communicating to you; either the baby is hungry or needs the diaper changed. Babies often sleep for the most part of a 24 hour period especially in their first few weeks in the world. You will realize that the baby’s sleep will be interrupted by hunger because babies eat quite often because they got small tummies with a nutritional requirement that’s big. You shouldn’t be alarmed if your baby wants to stick on your breast all the time because it is just normal for the baby to want to eat and not feel hungry.

Sometimes babies cry because they are feeling scared of the new world they have just entered into. Remember before the baby were used to the tight confines of the mother’s womb and you could soothe the crying baby to stop crying by wrapping the baby in a shawl and walking around the house. The other important thing that you need to learn about doing to the baby is cleaning.  Because the young baby is still delicate and tender you need to take much caution when bathing her/him. It is advisable to use a soft washcloth to wipe the baby when bathing the baby especially when the umbilical cord stump of the baby hasn’t fallen off. You should always ensure that you get everything you need to clean the baby before even taking the baby’s clothes off. When everything is ready ensure that the baby’s bathing water is lukewarm by testing using your elbow before dipping the washcloth into it. Never leave a baby next to water unattended as there could be a very big chance the baby might just crawl into the water basin a get drowned! The next thing you will do after cleaning the baby is drying the baby by using a clean and tender soft towel just to avoid scratching the baby’s still tender skin. The towel needs to be clean to avoid giving any infection to the baby. It is recommended that you use only approved baby care jelly to apply on the skin of the baby. Using jelly that is not recommended may cause problems on the skin of the young baby.

When the baby has reached the age of six months you could purchase a baby jumper where you can place the baby to play in. A baby jumper is a safe and fun place where you can place your baby when you need leave the baby alone for a minute or two. You are however advised never to leave the baby in the baby jumper any long than is necessary.