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Baby Saucer Seat – The Best Alternative

As a parent it can be a hard task to choose the right toys for your baby and Baby Saucer Seats can be a complete jungle. So with this article we take away the research and guesswork for you by reviewing what we have found to be the best baby saucer seat on the market! So without further edo we present the: 

Skip Hop Explore and More Baby Activity Saucer Seat

This premium saucer seat comes in a sleek design with pops of color and actually looks good for a baby toy. The Skip Hop Explore is also a toy that might seem on the expensive side at first but has great value for money as it’s both an activity center for when your baby is young, but as your baby grows bigger you can convert it into an activity table so it is 2 products in one. 

The seat on this baby saucer seat is both very stable and comfortable and rotates 360 degrees so your baby easily can reach all toys thats fitted around the seat and gets a great view over the room. 

The toys fitted on the Skip Hop Explore include: 

  • The peek-a-boo owl
  • A hedgehog
  • Colorful Beads
  • Plastic trees that move back and forth
  • A see through window so the baby can see its own feet
  • A light up piano that is located on the foot support platform, that is activated by the baby tapping his or her feet to make different sounds.
  • A music function with among other songs Itsy bitsy spider and This old man.

So this is all fun and well for the baby, but what about you as a parent? Skip hop have thought about this too and have made this activity saucer very easy to assemble, and the legs are easily removable so you can fit it in tight spaces like a closet or under a bed without a problem when it is not in use.

Skip Hop Explore Activity Center Specifications:

  • Weight: 15 lbs
  • 31”(height)  x 31”(Width) x 19”(Depth)
  • Maximum weight: 28 lbs
  • Requires batteries
  • For babies 4+ months


  • Fast and easy assembly
  • It can change with your child as it grows
  • 2 products in 1
  • Good value for money
  • Stable and very safe construction
  • Clean and good looking design


  • Not portable

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