Best Jumper For Baby – Guide & Reviews

Are you looking for Best Jumper For Baby? A baby jumper is something which has got many benefits both to the baby and the parents. A baby jumper ensures that the baby can do some exercises, experience fun and also dissipate the stored energy and calories in the baby. To the parents, the baby jumper may come in handy to help them keep their baby busy if they need to leave the baby alone for sometime either to go for a bath or for some other businesses of importance.

Recommended best jumper for baby

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Purpose of a baby jumpers

Some people argue that a baby jumper helps babies to develop their tender legs, muscles and to develop their coordination while others do not agree to this notion. Baby jumpers actually help to keep the baby active (the up and down movement of the baby) and to be entertained and this is actually good for the development of body of the baby.

Range of age and weight for using baby jumpers

Different baby-jumper manufacturers will inscribe the particular age limit or weight of the baby in different ways on the jumpers. That said, there are some parents who choose to place their babies in the jumper once their babies are able to hold their heads up easily without any kind of support.

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1. Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo

2. Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Jumperoo

3. Fisher-Price Pink Petals Jumperoo

Baby jumpers and the leg development

Though there is no scientific proof that the baby jumpers help a baby’s leg development, some parents argue that after they introduced their babies to the jumpers, their babies learned to walk easily. Taking this fact in account, there is no harm to have the babies  placed in the baby jumpers if that helps to keep the baby physically active and entertained.

Best Baby Jumper On The Market

Fisher-price Luv U Zoo Jumperoo

This is a kind of a stationery-activity baby jumper which has the seat attached to the stand with two elastic cords. It is ideal for a baby who can hold the head up without being assisted but cannot get out of it. It is made of bright colors which can make the jumper very interesting to the baby. There is an extension to its seat which looks like sort of a tray where the toys of the baby can be placed to keep the baby busy. Small babies get bored easily and having the toys placed on the tray goes a long way in keeping the baby entertained for a long time. Besides, as the baby tries to reach the toys, it gets them to exercise a bit more and that is even more desirable. The Fisher-price Luv U Zoo Jumperoo also features lights, sounds and some kind of baby music. This is another good feature of this baby jumper as the lights, sounds and music help a lot to keep the baby both entertained and active. The frame and the base of the baby jumper are made of strong steel which ensures safety and stability of the baby when placed inside.

Features highlight:

  • Bright colors
  • Comes with a set of toys
  • Has got lights, sounds and music
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Evenflo ExerSaucer Jump and Learn Jumper, Jungle Quest

The Evenflo ExerSaucer Jump and learn is a standalone baby jumper that has so many things to offer. To begin with, this baby jumper is a stable one as it is supported by three legs. Those legs are joined together with a metal rod that is intricately molded and curved making them sturdy. At the base of the baby jumper, there is a bouncy base that allows the baby to jump up and down easily without much fear of hurting the toes. A baby jumper should help the baby to learn new physical activities in an interesting and funny way and this particular one does perfectly well in this front. With this baby jumper, the baby is exposed to numerous exciting activities that are also very necessary for the baby. It has got a variety of lights, music, and other baby friendly sounds which help to keep the baby entertained. The seat is surrounded by a tray where there are plenty of space for the toys to keep. The toys can also be kept hanging from the three legs of the jumper. With enough space for toys on the tray, lights and sounds this baby jumper proves to be one of the best baby jumpers you can choose for your baby. Another good feature of this baby jumper is that the height can be adjusted easily to match the height of the baby.
Features highlight:

  • Has got a soft base to protect the baby’s toes.
  • Has got lights, sounds & music.
  • Tray for holding toys.
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Jolly Jumper on a Stand for Rockers

The Jolly Jumper on a Stand for Rockers is an ideal baby jumper for those babies who are learning to walk. It comes with a fully stable stand and does not need to be fastened to a doorway or any other kind of support. The stand of this baby jumper almost resembles a tripod stand although it has got four legs which ensures the overall stability of this device. This baby jumper does not feature toys or even a tray for keeping toys like other baby jumpers do; but it offers more flexibility and space for the baby when placed on the seat. It assists the baby to improve his/her balancing skills easily making the baby to get physically more ready for walking. This particular baby jumper offers the baby a sturdy spine support; something which goes a long way in ensuring the optimal development of the baby’s bones for a good upright posture in future.
Another good feature of this particular baby jumper is that it is portable and can easily be carried by parents so that it can be used wherever they go with their babies. Remember, there are many baby jumpers that are not that easy to move with. Except for the absence of a tray for toys, lights, music or sounds to help the baby get more entertained, this baby jumper remains one of the best baby jumpers that you could go for.
Features highlight:

  • Well-made seat with great back support.
  • Highly portable.
  • Comparatively cheap price.
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Graco Doorway Bumper Jumper

The Graco Bumper Jumper Little Jungle is a doorway-attached baby jumper. It has got a long strap that is fastened to the clamp which is used to clamp the baby jumper to the doorway. The seat of the baby jumper is very comfortable and also can be removed easily when is needed to be washed. It has a spring on the vertical code that allows the baby to jump easily. This particular baby jumper allows the baby to have more flexibility for playing and jumping and the baby can easily turn to any direction. It features a tray with 2 toys that are fastened to play rings that are adjustable. These help to keep the baby entertained as the baby jumps about with this jumper.

Another advantage of the Graco Doorway baby jumper is that it is made in such a way that the parents can easily adjust the height to match that of the baby. This means it is easy for this jumper to be adjusted to the baby’s height even if the baby grows taller with time.
The seat is made of nylon and also features a high back for added back support. While the seat is made of nylon, it is well padded, removable and can also be machine-washed.

Features highlight:

  • Doorway attached baby jumper.
  • Long code with a spring to allow easy bouncing of the baby.
  • Removable seat for easy cleaning.
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Little Tikes Cozy Coupe Doorway Jumper

This doorway baby jumper is so easy to attach to door frames. It is portable, making it easy for the parents to move to different places and to have the baby placed in it for playing and jumping about. It features a play-dashboard that has music and a mirror in it. The button this dashboard has will produce, if pressed, up to three different sounds and the mirror attached to it will not let the baby get bored. It has such adjustable straps that can be adjusted to match the baby’s height and size even if the baby grows up. Packing up this baby jumper is easy and only takes a small space to be kept for future use. This jumper features different bright colors, something that makes the baby feel even more interested to play on it.
Another good feature of this baby jumper is that the seat is removable; so when the parents need to clean it, the work is easy. This jumper is shaped after a car with an engaging dashboard for the child to have fun with. The Little Tikes Cozy Coupe Doorway baby Jumper can be classified as one of the easy-to-assemble and easy-to-dismantle baby jumpers available in the market currently that any parents can go for.

Features highlight:

  • Removable seat.
  • Car-look-alike shape.
  • Various colors, sounds and music.
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Baby Einstein Sea and Discovery Door Jumper

The Baby Einstein Sea & Discovery Door Jumper allows your baby to be able to bounce up and down when placed in it. It is a doorway fastened baby jumper that comes complete with toys and imagery to help keep the baby entertained. It features a mirror that the baby can look into and see their images. There is a teether attached to it that can help to keep the baby busy. Another accessory that comes with this amazing baby jumper includes baby crinkle fabric flashcards featuring underwater imagery. The animals in the flashcards are named in three different European languages.
Another good feature of this baby jumper is that it is lightweight and thus is easily removable and install-able. The straps of the baby jumper can also be easily adjusted to your baby’s height. In order to ensure the maximum safety of your child this jumper has an extra strap to help keep it firmly fastened to the door’s frame. There are some instances where some doorway baby jumpers had their clamps snapped injuring the baby inside it. But with this baby jumper, which has an extra strap along with clamps, the fear of that type of injury is very low. The seat of this jumper is well-padded offering the amount of comfort the baby needs. Another good thing of this baby jumper is that it comes with a user’s manual.

Features highlight:

  • Firm doorway-fastening system.
  • Comes with various baby toys.
  • Has got sounds and lights for fun.
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Evenflo ExerSaucer Door Jumper

This is a door mounted baby jumper that is very affordable and many parents can purchase one for their children. It comes with bright colors that helps to draw the attention of the babies to it as they are drawn to bright items easily. This baby jumper is portable making it easy to be moved around. If you take a look at this jumper, you will just love it; its design is just so awesome. This jumper has straps and so can be adjusted to match the height of your growing baby. Toys can also be easily attached to the straps to help keep the baby engaged while in the jumper. You do not need to worry about the height of your door frame because this jumper can be adjusted to match the height of even the taller door-frames.
The only problem with the Evenflo ExerSaucer Door Jumper is that it does not work well with the doorways with moldings. Some parents who have used it have noticed some kind of noise from its spring when the baby bounces with it. This jumper is best used on wide doorways to avoid the baby getting hurt on the sides of the door when in it.

Features highlight:

  • Door mounted
  • Comes with bright colors.
  • It is portable.
  • Seat straps are adjustable .
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Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Jumperoo

 This is a great stand-alone baby jumper set in the theme of a farm. This baby jumper has a lot to offer to the babies in terms of having fun and also learning new skills. This jumper comes with a tray full of play-toys that can keep the baby engaged even when the baby jumps about with it. There are two toys hanging overhead that make various melodies if the baby pulls trigger and this gives the baby entertainment for a long time.
Because of the sound feature of the jumper it needs the small AA sized batteries to help produce the sounds. The rotational seat of the jumper is well-padded and comfortable so that the baby can sit on it for long without much pain. Apart from the comfort the baby feels, the seat also offers some high level of security for the baby and the baby cannot fall from the jumper. The sounds and lights featured on the jumper go a long way in improving the listening and watching skills of the baby.
This baby jumper does not need to be hanged on to the doorway to be used because it comes with a well-sculpted metallic base that ensures its stability even if the baby bounces about or plays with the toys in it.

Features highlight:

  • Set in farm theme featuring various farm animals.
  • Rotational seat that is well-padded.
  • Comes with lights and sounds for the entertainment of the baby.
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Fisher – Price Rainforest Jumpero

This is a quality baby jumper that is made by the reputable baby toy-maker Fisher Price– a leading brand that has been in the business since the 1930s. It is an activity jumper which has a bright-colored seat that is highly comfortable for the baby and the baby can play in it for a long time without getting exhausted easily. It is ideal for babies who are 6-12 months old. Another good thing about this activity baby jumper is that it is portable as it is light-weight and can be folded up easily. The jumper has a dashboard where there are a lot of toys for the baby to choose from. The toys come in handy for the baby to remain engaged when the baby is not bouncing about with the jumper. The variety of toys in this jumper is well enough to keep the baby both busy and entertained at the same time. This baby jumper features different kinds of sounds and lights and these help to attract the attention of the baby easily. As the baby bounces about with the jumper, the baby is rewarded by all its eye-catching features that encourages the baby to be more active and it is something really beneficial.

Features highlight:

  • Features lights and sounds.
  • Various toys.
  • Light-weight and easily portable.
  • Rotating seat that is highly comfortable.
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Fisher-Price Pink Petals Jumperoo

This baby jumper comes set in the theme of a farm as it features images of farm animals. The baby will be able to discover so much when placed in this particular jumper in terms of new sights and physical activities. It comes with lights, music and animal-like sounds that work to keep the baby engaged. The seat of this baby jumper is also just amazing as it is fully rotational enabling the babies to reach the toys and the people around them. Other things in this baby jumper include flowers hung overhead, clickers, spinners, bead bar and a mirror- all of which are placed within the baby’s reach. The jumper is also so easy to fold and store.

Features highlight:

  • Toys, lights and sounds for entertainment and fun for the baby.
  • Rotational seat.
  • Strong and firm steel frame for extra stability.
  • Height is adjustable.
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How to Choose the Best jumper for baby

As parents, once your child has reached that point when she/he can hold the head straight up without being supported you can then think of purchasing a baby jumper. There are usually lots of baby jumpers out there in the market and you may find it a little cumbersome to find out the one that will best suit your baby’s needs. A baby jumper will provide your child with a number of benefits which include enhancing his/her motor skills, keeping the baby busy and engaging and thus alleviating boredom etc. So, how can you choose the best baby jumper for your baby? Below are some tips that you can follow to help guide you in finding the right baby jumper for your child:

Go for a baby jumper that is stable – Stability is a very important feature of a baby jumper. One that is not stable (in case of the activity jumpers) can easily shatter or fall down getting the baby injured. That said, it is better to choose a baby jumper that is strong and stable.

If you like activity jumpers go for that with toys – Toys help to keep the baby engaged while bouncing with the jumper. If you want your baby to learn some new skills while playing in the baby jumper, it will be better to go for a baby jumper that has got a variety of toys to keep the baby busy and engaged.

Check out for the seat design – A good and comfortable seat will help to ensure that your baby remains comfortable and safe in the jumper. A seat that is removable is easy to work with when it comes to clean it. Seats with adjustable settings can help to ensure that if your baby grows up, you can have it adjusted to match your baby’s size.

The suspension system – There are usually different types of suspension system used in baby jumpers and it is important that you check out the design of the suspension system. If you go for a baby jumper that features only a single suspension strap, chances are that the baby will swing from right to the left side and for the baby it may be dangerous and harmful.


Types of best jumper for baby

Baby jumpers usually come in a wide range of variety and below are the available types of baby jumpers:

Stationery Jumpers: Just as the name suggest, these jumpers are usually stationed in a particular place and are not so easily movable. They consist of a seat and a frame with elastic cord that holds the seat hanging from the frame. Some parents may not find these types of baby jumpers appealing because most of them do not usually come with toys and only serve to make the baby bounce. They are also known to take more space and are not easy to move around with.

Stationery activity Jumper: The stationery activity jumper is that kind of baby jumper that consists of a seat which is attached by elastic cords to a frame. It also has got a tray or a kind of dashboard that contains toys that the baby can play with. Remember there is time when the baby can get tired of bouncing and may need something to keep him/her engaged to avoid feeling bored.

Doorway baby jumpers: Just as the name suggests these kinds of baby jumpers are usually attached to the door frames with a special kind of clamp. The seat of the baby is held in position with a long cord that is flexible but firm enough to support the weight of the baby. The one disadvantage this jumper has is that it can only be used on a doorway that has got a frame.

General jumper safety (best jumper for baby)

There are some people out there who will tell you that baby jumpers pose potential hazards to your baby; but nothing can be further from the truth than this statement if the safety tips below are followed by the parents:

  • Ensuring that the floor is clean and clear of any sharp things that may hurt the feet of your baby as he/she bounces with the jumper.
  • It is not wise to use a jumper on stairways or near swimming pools.
  • It is not good to tie toys with long strings to the jumper as the baby may strangle himself/herself with the strings.
  • Do not put a baby who has exceeded the weight or height limit in a jumper.
  • Never leave the baby in the jumper alone for a long time.
  • The jumper needs to be placed on a level surface.


 Conclusion of best jumper for baby

A baby jumper is a good device that helps to keep your baby engaged both physically and mentally and also to get, with toys and sounds, your baby entertained. As parents, there will be times when you will need some time, for some important purposes, away from the baby. Baby jumper is a good way to have your baby spending some time alone when you have to attend some other household chores. You can choose from the above listed baby jumpers to help bring a new world to your baby for the well upbringing and entertainment.